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From Sunday 11th April until 6th June, the pattern will be as follows...

Sundays : 10am - Mass at St. Mary's

Tuesdays : 10am - Mass at St. Mary's

Wednesdays : 9.30am - Mass at St. Peter's

Thursdays : 10am - Mass at St. Laurence's

April 2021
Date Time Venue Service / Event
Thur 1 Apr     Maundy Thursday
  20.00 St. Peter's Liturgy of the last supper and watch at the altar of repose

Fri 2 Apr     Good Friday
  09.00 St. Mary's Stations of the Cross
  12.00 Online Online Good Friday meditation
  15.00 St. Peter's Liturgy of the passion

Sun 4 Apr    

Easter Sunday

  05.00 St. Laurence's Vigil of readings and Easter ceremonies
  10.00 St. Mary's Easter Mass


* FUNd-raising Events

^ Mothers' Union

TBC - To Be Confirmed